In addition to beer, I do other stuff, too!


I have over 20 years experience in the Information Technology sector in roles ranging from product support to project management. I've served many diverse industries including publishing, military, and software development. In addition to Windows environments, I have an intimate knowledge of Mac OS as a 25+ year Mac user and former Apple Certified Desktop Technician.

Performance and Events

My love for the performing arts has led to continued participation in everything from gigs as event emcee to performing in acapella groups and lending guest vocals, both live and in the studio. I've lent my acting skills to over two dozen stage productions as well as independent films and competitions and have not only performed on many a karaoke night, I've hosted them regularly too.

Check out my LinkedIn profile for more on my professional history or send me an email request for my resumé.

I'm happy to send a full professional background, theatrical resumé, or a formal resumé of my time in the craft beer industry.