Jason has been a craft beer aficionado since the late 1990s, well before the craft beer explosion, when things like beer fests were a novelty. After 20 years in the technology sector, he made a major career shift. After obtaining the Cicerone Certified Beer Server status, Jason brought his passion and knowledge to the industry he loves and left his mark in varied organizations from small start-ups to World Beer Championship winners.

While having recently returned to IT full-time, Jason remains active in the beer scene volunteering for events and consulting, hosts pub quizzes for a national company, and enjoys a quiet evening sharing a few pints with his lovely wife, and their teetotaling cat, Larry.

In addition to a solid, general knowledge of craft beer and serving practices, Jason has extensive expertise in beer tasting, serving techniques and etiquette, a deep understanding of the brewing process, and experience in beer and food pairing from suggesting existing paired items to menu development from scratch. Mr. Signore takes particular pride in his ability to offer selections for a wide range of palates, from wine drinkers and veteran craft fans to craft beer newcomers and even customers who claim they “don’t like beer.”